Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Cute Kitten Card

Hello all and I hope that wherever you are you are also enjoying the glorious Spring weather that we've been blessed with here! It's been so lovely to wake up to blue skies and sunshine (even if it is a bit on the chilly side at first!).

We've had the usual busy few days and I did a fair last Sunday - which was very quiet!  Although I do love the sunshine, it doesn't do much for business at craft fairs as I think people would rather be out and about lol!  Hey ho.  But chatted to some friendly stallholders, and it was suggested about trying selling some of my items on Etsy.  Most of the cards or crochet items I make tend to be for orders from friends, etc., with the 'advertising' done via "word of mouth".  I'd looked at Etsy before and so decided to give it a go!  If you haven't heard of it, it's a great online sales site for all things handmade, with a huge variety of crafts and goodies.  So I've added a few things to my 'shop' on there and the link is HERE.  It would be great if you could have a look and let me know what you think - I'd really appreciate the feedback!  It's quite a new thing for me - especially being something of a techno-phobe! - but anything is worth a try!  As and when I make new things I'll be adding some to the Etsy shop - and keeping my fingers crossed!

The card I have to share with you today (that has just been added to the Etsy shop!) is one using a cute LOTV stamp

Definitely not a CAS one lol!  But I thought this would be a lovely 'special birthday' card, sold as a boxed one, so I could add lots of lovely flowers. 
The image has been coloured with copics and a touch of pencil.

The backing papers and sentiment stamp are from LOTV and the flowers are from WOC.  The die cuts are the LaLaLand banner and Marianne hearts, and some added stitching to finish.

And the inside has been decorated to match! 

I hope you like it!  Do please have a look at the Etsy site - and don't forget to pop in at my 'shop' (Crafts By Tilly).  

Let me know what you think!  And if you also sell your crafty creations on Etsy please let me know - I'd love to have a browse.

Well, as the sun is out I'd better get some more laundry out to dry lol!  I've been washing everything that isn't nailed down - it's so lovely to get everything refreshed for Spring! 

Thank you so much for all your lovely comments - and support! 
Back soon,
Kim x 

Friday, 17 April 2015

Making wishes

Hello all and I hope that your week has been a good one? I've been back at work (school) this week and very busy - not to mention trying to make things for a craft fair on Sunday! Although the fair this Sunday in Lancaster is one aimed at babies & toddlers, there are also things for everyone else, so I try to take a range of crafty things with me.  There is also another fair next week near Blackpool that I'm doing with a friend - so hoping that we manage to get some 'business' lol!

Just a quick post from me this evening - sharing a card I made a little while ago.  I keep trying to make some 'flatter' cards to save on the postage costs - and this one was made with one of the great LOTV sentiment stamps.  The papers are also from LOTV, and I've added some stitching and ribbon from stash

Quite simple - but quite sweet I think. 

I'm determined to get some more cards made this coming week - but there never seems to be enough hours in the day to do all the things we want to do. And I might have to wrestle my chair for my craft room back off youngest! He's decided that the little bedroom (aka my craft room!) is quite good for revising in and also that my chair is comfier than his! So not long ago I came home to find that it had spookily travelled across the landing and been installed in HIS room - and his old chair (now rather tired and battered from being used and abused so much in a teenage boy's bedroom) is now at my craft table! When I started to object I was greeted with the "You do want me to revise for exams don't you?".  Sigh.  Out of spite I might go and buy myself a MUCH better chair lol! 
Hope you have a good weekend whatever you have planned,
Back soon,
Kim x 

Monday, 13 April 2015

I've gone all 'baby'...!

Hello all - Monday again already!  And it's back to school/work for us - just as I'm getting to enjoy my extra 'pottering' time lol!  But the sun is shining this morning which is always a good thing.

Now then, an explanation behind the blog title! No - there's not going to be a new addition to the family (not that I'm aware of!).  But I'm doing a couple of craft fairs in the next couple of weeks and the first one is a baby & toddler fair, so I got busy with the hook & wool and crocheted up a few 'baby' things.  They are sooooo cute! And I've really enjoyed doing them.  The biggest problem is coming up with prices for them!  I'm always the same - I make quite a few cards and crocheted things to order for people, but I have real difficulty in pricing things.  It's so hard.  You can't really charge for all the time you take to make something (goodness knows how much the price would be then lol!), and it's trying to find a balance between the cost of materials and a fair price on the time/skill it takes to make something.  As I'm sure any crafters who make things can verify, non-crafters seem to think that if it's "handmade" that means it hasn't cost anything to make! Oh if only that were true!

Anyway, I just thought I'd share a few pics of the crocheted baby bits - and any suggestions for prices would be VERY welcome!

Some cute little hats to keep heads warm! 

Some baby bibs for all the dribbles and spills (and there are plenty of those!)

And these are definitely high on the cute factor! Little shoes for baby feet! 

I've enjoyed making these a lot and I've a sneaking feeling that when one of our gorgeous offspring announces that a new member of the family is on the way, they may get inundated with crocheted goodies! Well, that's what nannas are for isn't it? lol! 
I hope that you have a good week, whatever you have planned.  And thank you so much for all your lovely comments and support - it means such a lot to know that you take the time to have a look at my crafting efforts!  And remember - any help you can offer with pricing ideas would be very welcome! 

Back soon,
Kim x 

Thursday, 9 April 2015

Trying something new....

Hello all, I hope that you've been having a good week? The weather here the last couple of days has been glorious - lots of blue skies & spring sunshine.  As both husband and I were off today I persuaded him that a visit to the garden nurseries might be a good idea (not sure he was quite as convinced), and had a happy hour choosing some plants for the garden. As some are still a little delicate, they've taken up residence in the greenhouse (alongside the tomato plants and sprouting seed trays - not to mention the various pots, watering cans and spiders lol!). But at least I feel I've made a start!  Husband had wandered around the plant nursery with a slightly bored expression - but as a reward for not once uttering the "Have you finished yet?" phrase, I took him for lunch at a lovely little cafe out in the countryside.  As I was in such a generous mood, I even let him pay.....

It's been lovely to have some time off to catch up with a few jobs, meet up with some friends - and also to do some crafting! And I also thought I'd take the opportunity to try something I haven't done before - even though the sensible, logical side of my brain was shouting "No! Not more crafts!", the other, more reckless side, was shouting "Yay! More crafts!".  So I thought I'd try some patchwork and made two cushions.  What do you think?

Finished off with some wooden buttons! 
I'm quite pleased with them for a first attempt - I'm just wondering what to make next! 

And I've been busy with the crocheting - I've got a couple of craft fairs coming up, and so now busy trying to make a good selection of cards and crafty goodies!  At least it all keeps me out of mischief lol! 

I hope you have also enjoyed some Spring sunshine.
Back soon,
Kim x 

Sunday, 5 April 2015

Happy Easter!

Hello all - Happy Easter! I hope that you have a relaxing day - whatever you have planned.  A quiet day here (I think!) with just family, some pottering in the garden and a meal together later.  The day has dawned a bit grey and overcast at the moment but I think I'll venture forth regardless! Yesterday was a beautiful spring day, and as all the boys were out in the afternoon for a while, Grumpy Poppy and I sat in the garden in the lovely warm sunshine, complete with a brew and my crocheting - bliss!

Just thought I'd share a little card that I made ages ago and forgot to blog (and with my memory, there's quite a few of those!) using a simple sentiment stamp, vintage stamps and scrummy papers

Sentiment stamp is from Inkylicious (love that sentiment!), the vintage stamps are from LOTV and Kaisercraft, the scrummy papers from K&Co and the charms and ribbon from stash.

And talking of needing a better memory.....

I saw this the other day and it made me laugh! 

And a quick pic of our dining table ready for Easter lunch later - and making the most of the gorgeous little tete-a-tete daffodils scattered across the garden before they all vanish again for another year!

I hope your Easter is a peaceful one - and that you manage some crafting time too! 
Thank you for all your lovely comments - they mean so much.
Back soon,
Kim x

Friday, 3 April 2015

Cute springtime cats!

Hello all and I hope that your Easter weekend has started in a relaxing way with some sunshine. Sadly no sunshine here at the moment - a bit of a grey day - but, being ever-hopeful, I'm keeping my fingers crossed for some brightness later! We've had a slightly more relaxed  week this week, and it feels as though I've had time to catch up with a few things - although the boiler breaking down didn't help! It was a case of washing up with kettles of hot water and no heating - thank goodness there wasn't a foot of snow outside lol! Thankfully the plumbers managed to repair it yesterday - yippee!

Anyway, as it's Friday it's time for a new challenge over at Crafty Catz - and this week is my last one as part of the Design Team. I made the difficult decision to step down after 3 years on the team, but time is limited and there are so many other projects I want to work on, so I felt it was time to go. The team have been fantastic, they really are the friendliest DT in Blogland I think, so I will miss them hugely!  But this week's challenge is everyone's favourite - "Anything Goes"!  So the Crafty Catz team would love to see all types of crafty creations that you have been working on.

I was asked by someone at work if I would make a card for his partner - they are both great animal lovers, and his partner particularly loves her cats, so I used the Joanna Sheen Ivory Cats cd to find a gorgeous image

I decided to make a gatefold card, embossing the panels and inside panel with a Crafters Companion embossing folder.  The flowers are from WOC and the ivy, butterfly and dragonfly dies are from Joanna Sheen

And I even managed to make an envelope to fit!  I just hope the recipient likes it! I liked the soft creams and greens - and the look of concentration on the cat's face lol!  Our Grumpy Poppy is definitely too lazy these days to do that sort of thing. She sat out in the garden yesterday, watching the birds bickering on the bird feeders with what I can only describe as 'boredom'! 

I do hope you'll have a look at the fantastic inspiration from the DT over at Crafty Catz and then join in the challenge with your crafty makes. 
And I hope that you have an enjoyable and relaxing Easter weekend - whatever you have planned.
Back soon,
Kim x 

Tuesday, 31 March 2015

More crochet cuteness!

Hello all and I hope that your week has started well?  There has been awful wind and occasional downpours here - a very disturbed night as it seemed to be gusting round the house! But the one ray of sunshine (!) in all this, is that the clocks here in the UK moved forward an hour on Sunday to change us to British Summer Time - yippee! I just love having that extra daylight. When I was young I can remember my mother hating changing the clocks in winter and the dark evenings and it didn't really bother me then. But as I've got older I completely understand where she was coming from! Much as I enjoy the snuggled evenings, with fires and candles lit, in the winter, I much prefer the extra daylight - even if it's a bit cloudy!

It's also been so nice to start my week on a more relaxed note - as I'm off work for two weeks!  I still tend to get up early, but it's nice not to HAVE to get up - if that makes sense? And also to be able to potter around and enjoy my morning cup of tea without having to rush about!  I'm hoping I can use some of this time to catch up with all the little jobs that need sorting as well.

Anyway, I just wanted to share some crochet with you - I completed another bag made for an order! This was the third 'Attic 24' chunky bag I made (and I'm currently making number 4!).  The first one was mine - and then friends have spotted it and placed orders!  So it's definitely keeping me busy!  They're all made with Stylecraft Special chunky wool, which is lovely to work with and they're all slightly different colourways (with different cotton linings and handle lengths made to order!) but the link to the pattern for them is here.

Hope you like it! A bit of bright, stripy colour for the day! 
I hope your week goes well - and I'm hoping for some crafty time while I'm off work! 
Back soon,
Kim x