Sunday, 31 May 2015

So, what are you doing this weekend?

Hello from a rather dreary last day of May in the north west UK!  We had some lovely sunshine yesterday (if a rather cool breeze at times!), but the skies are grey this morning.  I wish summer would get a move on!  I enjoyed a couple of hours out with my friend and her (very large) newfoundland dogs yesterday afternoon, with a nice walk and then coffee & cake.  The dogs are lovely gentle giants - but boy, do they attract attention! Everyone you pass makes comment regarding their size, how much they must eat, etc., and we also had our photos taken by one passer by! Bizarre!

And at least I was able to spend some time pottering in the garden - where, despite the cool weather we've been having, the flowers are appearing

The first of the summer's big poppies made an appearance - I just love these big, blowsy flowers! They seem to glow from within.

These pretty violas seem to be flourishing and are such pretty shades of purple. I love violas - they almost look like they've had details painted on.

And the other pots and beds seem to be doing well. I've not got a very big garden, but I love it to be full of different plants and flowers - and definitely enjoy lazing about in it when the weather is warm enough!  It's also one of my favourite places to sit and crochet when the sun is out - and I've now finished all the daisy granny squares I was busy doing out there this week

I'm just working out the best way of joining them into a baby blanket - I think I'm going to try the joining method that Heather suggests on her fab blog The Patchwork Heart. 

And thank you for all your kind comments about Grumpy Poppy.  She's started eating a little food now, so we just need to encourage her to carry on. She's definitely NOT enjoyed the visits to the vet this week - especially the ouchy injections! - and I've given her a stern talking-to!  My son Jack took this photo of her - a typical "Life's just too much!" pose from Poppy

Enjoy the rest of your weekend - whatever you have planned. And I hope the sunshine is making an appearance wherever you are! 

Back soon,
Kim x 


  1. Hi Kim love your flower photos. I too love violas and treat myself to two baskets of them earlier in the spring - they are still flowering and make me happy everytime I see them. Love your flower centred granny squares - really cool they will make a super blanket. Annie xxx

  2. Such a gorgeous photos of your flowers and adorable Poppy, I am pleased she is starting to eat again now.
    Your crochet squares look beautiful and will make such a fabulous baby blanket.
    Sue xx

  3. Gorgeous photos of your flowers Kim and I love poppies and violas too..and dear Poppy...glad she is eating now and she sure does look your granny squares, the daisies are very pretty in the centres.

    Luv CHRISSYxx

  4. You certainly have a gorgeous garden Kim, thank you for sharing your photos. Glad Poppy is eating a little bit now, she does look fed up with things. Your squares are gorgeous.

  5. Thank you for sharing your beautiful photos. Our Poppies are a long way behind yours! The squares are gorgeous and I can't wait to see the finished blanket! So glad to hear that Poppy is starting feel a little better!
    Gina xx

  6. Wonderful photos - and sorry to hear Poppy has not been well. Love that photo! :-)


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Kim x