Friday, 25 December 2015

Christmas Wishes

Merry Christmas! I can't believe that it's already Christmas Day as the first part of December vanished in a flash. 

But it's here, and before I start being 'busy busy' in the kitchen, I just wanted to put on a quick blog post to send you all good Christmas wishes. I hope that whatever you are doing, you have a good day and that it is a peaceful, happy day for you.  

We've got family here for dinner later, guests in and out over the next couple of days and then off to see our new baby granddaughter Isabella, who is now 6 weeks old! And I'm so looking forward to having some more Nanna Kim cuddles! 

Merry Christmas!
Back soon,
Kim x

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  1. Merry Christmas Kim, I hope you enjoyed your cuddles.


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