Monday, 25 April 2016

Did ya miss me? ....again!

Oh dear. Over 3 weeks since the last blog post. I can only blame the usual suspects of work, family, jobs to do, etc - in varying order and varying degrees!  My hours at work have increased a bit due to some changes in our school office and that's definitely keeping me busy - and I promise I haven't increased hours on purpose just because husband has retired!  And family always keep me busy - it's strange how we always seem to be busy and preoccupied, even with the offspring who've left home!
But I promise I have also been busy crafting too - well, how else would I keep my sanity.....

I was pleased to finish a crochet baby blanket and I'm loving the mix of blue and sage shades, mixed with some silver grey and soft parchment colours

It measures approximately 42" x 28" or in metric, 106cm x 72cm! And I love the blues with the soft ripple pattern

I'm quite pleased with it and I think it makes a very cute baby boy blanket! 

And of course I've still been busy with the crocheted Knitted Knockers!  It's been very rewarding to be able to do something I really enjoy and know that it's going to help bring some comfort to another woman somewhere - and I love the line on the registered charity name "Made with Love, Filled with Hope".  If you're not sure what I'm wittering on about (nothing new there!) please take a look at their website and spread the word! Knitted Knockers UK

But in the last few days I've also enjoyed doing a bit of colouring again - and am going to have a card-making session.  I've been digging out and using some of my older stamps and I'm determined not to buy any more stamps until I've made good use of the ones I've got! (How many times do crafters say that to themselves?)

What does your craft desk look like?  And how do you prefer to work? These days I tend to pick the stamp first, then the papers and then colour the image to match - but just occasionally I'll colour the image first (and then have a root and scrabble through all the paper stash to try to find matching papers!).

A couple of oh-so-cute LOTV stamps and then one of my old favourites, a Sarah Kay stamp

And one bit of good news on the home front is that our youngest Jack passed his driving test 2 weeks ago - first time!  So a proud mummy moment for me - even though we've not seen much of him since lol! He's definitely enjoying his new-found freedom of mobility and even gives me a lift to work in a morning (a bit of a strange reversal when your child takes you to school...).

So apologies for the absence and then the rather long, rambling post - but yes, I have been busy!  
But, I will try to get time to finish these cards off - and have a browse around Blogland and catch up with what everyone has been doing!

Back soon (hopefully!)
Kim x


  1. Good to see you Kim and love your blanket-could do with it here tonight it's freezing!! Love your colouring -your shading is just so perfect. Congrats to your son for passing his test too xx

  2. Lovely to see you Kim although every time you post your crocheting I want to strop...I WANT TO CROCHET 😭😭😭. Unfortunately my tremor doesn't allow me to. Your blanket is gorgeous. We don't see enough of you these days x

  3. A gorgeous crochet blanket Kim. Love your colouring creations and look forward to seeing the finished cards. I haven't been around much either. I am caring for my hubby and dealing with Hospice and MacMillian nurses in and out all the time.

  4. Fabulous crochet, wonderful colouring and congrat to Jack :-) TFS

  5. Good to see you Kim. Congratulations to Jack on passing his test!! You have chosen such wonderful colours for this baby blanket, very seaside. Looking forward to seeing the completed cards xx

  6. What a gorgeous blanket and lovely colours too! Love you colouring and huge congratulations to Jack. I always seem to do things the wrong way round and colour the image first then struggle to find co-ordinating papers lol.
    Enjoy the Bank Holiday weekend.
    Gina xx

  7. Hi Kim! congrats on Jack passing his test!!! oh my what a stunning blanket I made a pink and white one for a neighbours daughters baby due in May and some matinee jackets. The toppers are fab and can't wait to see the cards I have lots done too but just don't see to find the time to turn them into cards lately..have a great weekend huggles Sue xx

  8. Awww what a lovely blanket, such pretty colours. Looking forward to seeing what you create with your images - I always pick my DPs first, I find it too difficult to do it the other way round!

  9. Nice to see you back Kim, and life does get in the way of our crafting doesn't it, but that is good.Love you blanket and fabulous colouring on your images..I tend to colour then scramble for papers and if in doubt I use a cardboard box cut make a scene with cardstock..Faber Castell pencils..I just buy the childrens pencils..they are cheaper and blend beautifully with Archival oil using paper shops usually have them and I've been known to buy a large packet on sale just to get my 3 browns and pink for that helps and thanks for popping in to say hi!...congrats to your Son too on getting his licence..

    luv CHRISSYxx


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