Saturday, 20 June 2015

The weekend at last!

Hello all - thank goodness it's the weekend! And just a quick post from me before I head off to spend a relaxing hour (I hope!) in my little room with all my craft stash! And I'm sorry for being a bit of a rubbish blogger at the moment. I just don't know where time goes at the moment but I will make a big effort to visit some blogs this weekend and see what gorgeous craftiness you've been up to!

Last night was my youngest's prom from school.  Although he's going back into the 6th form in September (and the "proper" leavers' ball is when they finish at 18), they had a 5th year prom. Although he's at an all boys school, they hold this together with the local girls school (naturally!) and he looked super smart in his new suit. We had 4 of them getting ready here and then they all went off to their venue - where a lot of us parents were waiting for them with cameras as well!  So, apologies for the 'gushing mummy' photos on the blog today - but I still find it quite hard to believe that my little baby boy, who used to stuff all his toys into the washing machine or dress the dog in football shirts, has turned into a 6' 1" young man in the blink of an eye.  It's scary how fast time passes!

(My son Jack is on the left! - this was with some of his friend's at our house)

These three started at primary school together aged 4! 

So apologies again for the 'proud mum' bit! 

I'll share some more crafty thing with you tomorrow hopefully - if I can get some done this afternoon! 
Hope you enjoy your Saturday, whatever you have planned.
Back soon,
Kim x 


  1. Such lovely photos and memories Kim, hope Jack had a wonderful time-he certainly looked very smart. It really is scary just how quickly they grow up xx

  2. Amazing pics Kim. You should show them off...they're your memories. X

  3. Gorgeous pictures Kim. They all looking dashing. I presume the bottom one is him with his young lady. She is very pretty. Oh to be young again!!!

  4. Beautiful photos Kim and Jack is so handsome!! Thank you for sharing!
    Gina xx


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