Thursday 18 August 2016

I haven't vanished really....

Hello, and just wanted to say that I haven't vanished from the face of the earth! I can't believe it's been so long since I last did a blog post but sometimes life just gets in the way.  I hadn't been feeling too good, having some pretty grotty side-effects from new medications, and the 'relaxing' summer holidays have turned out to be a mixture of either feeling c**p or busy with other jobs!  Sigh.

But I wanted to share a little piece of sunshine that arrived in our house today in the form of an 8 week old puppy called Ruby!  As you can possibly remember, we lost our beloved Tilly (who the blog is named after!) over 2 years ago.  By chance, and 2 days after the anniversary of saying goodbye to Tilly, I found out that the lady we got Tilly from now had another Staffie and was letting her have one litter of pups. We had a lovely catch up, and as we knew what a lovely family Tilly came from, and they knew how loved and spoilt our Tilly was, we were added to the list for a pup.  So today we collected the gorgeous Ruby - who is adorable! She's full of mischief and lots of licks and cuddles and will no doubt keep us all busy for a while!

Such a cutie! 

So I hope that you'll forgive my absence - and I'll try to make more of an effort to keep a bit more up to date with blog posts! 

Back soon,
Kim x