Wednesday 5 June 2013

Plant overload....?

Hello all, just a quick post from me this evening - and not a craft-related one (unless you count gardens as craft lol!).  As I've mentioned a few times about my little garden, and the trials and tribulations of gardening with Tilly the Dog (owner of big fat feet that trample plants quite happily) and Grumpy Poppy who sprawls out in the sunshine (and occasionally digs little holes for me in the garden too!) - I thought I'd just share a couple of pics that I took of said garden! And I think I've probably reached a bit of a plant overload with it now - it's definitely not CAS style lol!

Not very big or glamourous, but I quite like it! It's sort of an L-shape and there's a glimpse of the greenhouse where I was busy this afternoon planting up veg - and sweating a lot! Not a pretty sight! But probably good for me to work off the lunch I had out with my daughter to celebrate 'end of exams'!

And my beloved acer tree - strange how you can get quite attached to plants lol! We seem to have acquired a small tree or shrub for pets that have died - strange I know! So some things are called 'Smudge's Tree' or 'Daisy's Tree'! Not exactly Gardener's World is it?  And there are an abundance of bird feeders that I seem to constantly be refilling - Poppy the cat sprawls out asleep on the table or bench and the birds still come down to the feeders and just ignore her! 
And look away now if you're frightened of spiders....
but we found a nest of baby spiders, each the size of a pinhead! And my son Jack took this great pic! 
So, apologies for the waffle - and extra apologies as there was no crafting to share but there will be tomorrow!  Hope that you've had sunshine too!
Back soon,
Kim x 


  1. Your garden is amazing Kim - you've done a lovely job with it - Michelle x

  2. Such a beautiful garden Kim. Love your Acer tree, we lost ours the other year, was so sad. Our Wisteria has suddenly gone mad and the clemetis and roses are showing. I love this time of year.

  3. You have a beautiful garden Kim, I love it! My beloved mum would be green with envy if she saw it, she's mad to do the garden up but she's working on her kitchen first! She has no garden furniture so we've been taking a lot of impromptu browsing trips to homebase and b&q etc haha, we got her a swing seat for her birthday, so going to assemble that tomorrow for her :) We had a nest of spiders in our garden last year as well, but it was at an earlier stage than yours - it was covered over with what looked like cellophane, but was really thick - i poked it with a stick and it didn't break or anything, so gross!!!

    Tags xx

  4. your garden is beautiful Kim hopefully mine will look like that soon.
    Chris x

  5. Your card is beautiful Kim, I lovely mix of plants and gorgeous colours.
    Sue xx

  6. What a beautiful garden!!! Oh to have green fingers as well as crafty ones. I don't like gardening but I think that's because I don't know what I'm doing. You are very talented Kim...your garden is stunning. No such thing as overload.
    Best wishes
    Lea x

  7. Beautiful garden, so full of colour and I love your idea of trees for the pets. My puppy has dug up so many plants this year the garden is really bare so i've got total plant envy lol. Enjoy your lovely garden
    Claire xx

  8. Your garden looks lovely Kim.i can imagine tilting under that parasol reading a book. Mmmm lol
    Hugs Kelly

  9. Hello Kim, your garden is stunning and full of fabulous colour. No wonder you are proud of it, and quite rightly so. I love the design and layout, and I can just imaging you sat there and enjoying the abundance of gorgeous plants and flowers...STUNNING SWEETIE.
    Lots of love, Sandra xxx

  10. Wow Kim your garden is so beautiful!! Just right for sitting out in this lovely weather and having a glass of wine!!

    Gina x

  11. It's gorgeous Kim! Love it! Great job. It must be so enjoyable for you. xx


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