Thursday 18 July 2013

Big congratulations!

A bit of a self-indulgent post from me this evening so I hope you don't mind!  Our daughter Lauren has been going out with her boyfriend Tom for nearly 3 and a half years - he's just turned 21 (a year older than Lauren) and they've gone through A levels and university at Lancaster together. Lauren has just finished her second year and Tom has completed his degree this summer and today was his graduation.  He's such a clever young man and very focused on his studies, and he passed his degree in Biological Sciences with a First Class honours. To top it all he was also awarded (within the Science dept) the Mansfield Prize for the highest grades and the Society of Biology award for achievement - and was then told he would be receiving a Chancellor's Medal from Lancaster University for outstanding achievement.  They only award 6 a year to all the graduates (usually around 2000!) to those who have attained exceptional grades in their subject. So to say we were all proud of him is something of an understatement!  And as he's spent a good amount of time at our house over the past few years, I'd like to think that our slightly wacky household (not to mention my cooking - particularly my Chilli - his favourite!) has helped in a little way towards his fabulous achievement lol!  I was lucky enough to accompany Lauren and his parents to the Uni today for his ceremony (Lauren and I watched on a 'live feed' screen) - even though we were all melting in the heat!

Lauren & Tom! 

Tom receiving his Chancellor's Medal from Sir Chris Bonnington (the Chancellor of Lancaster Uni).

And my little card for him!
(I've used the 'graduation set' from DigiStampBoutique), together with Memory Box 'precious stars' die cuts)

Tom's off to the University of Sussex in September to start his PhD in genetic research (he tried to explain to me what he's doing in simple terms - basically, it's research into cancer and damage to dna cells!). 

So apologies for my rather indulgent post today - but he's such a quiet, unassuming young man that it's nice to blow his trumpet for him (because he would never do it himself lol!). 

Back soon, 
Kim x 


  1. Nothing wrong with a little self-indulgence Kim,
    sounds like it's duly deserved!!

    Lovely card too!! xx

  2. Congratulations to Tom, I hope when I finish a similar course as him that I'll pass my exams let alone get all those amazing achievements :P So jealous of anyone who's actually finished a science degree, it's A LOT of horribly hard work :P so fair play to him, great job!!! I'm sure your daughter is delighted that you get on so well with her boyfriend and think so highly of him too, I know it means a lot to me when my parents praise my Anthony :D

    Tags xx

  3. PS Your daughter and her BF are a dashing couple! And PPS your card is gorgeous too :) x

  4. Congrats to Tom they make a lovely couple and nothing wrong with some self indulgence huggles hun Sue xxxx Well Done!!!

  5. Oh wow congrats to Tom and they look a lovely couple hope he finds a cure and is very sucessful

  6. It's so lovely to hear about Tom's wonderful achievement Kim, he sounds like a lovely young man. Your card is gorgeous too.
    Sue xx

  7. Awww well done Tom!

    And what a great card too Kim.

    Susan x

  8. You are celebrating as you should be able to amongst friends. You must be very proud.
    Best wishes Lea x

  9. Hi Kim,
    congratulations to Tom, as you say a very great achievement.
    Your card is a wonderful design. Great gold bows with the stars.
    Have a wonderful crafty day.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  10. Lovely card and congrats this lovely clever young man. I am sure it was your cooking that got him through it.

    Have a great weekend.


  11. Huge congratulation to Tom on his hard work and achievements. Your card says it all. Hugs!

  12. You are definitely allowed to be indulgent with awards like this. Congratulations to Tom. Love the card you made for him.
    Eileen x


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