Monday 22 March 2021

A very long absence

 Well, I'm not sure whether anyone is still out there, but I realised with something of a shock, that it has been SO long since I updated my little corner of Blogland.  Mind you, so many months, but in some ways, we're still in the same position! Nearly a year after the start of the first complete lockdown, we're still in a another lockdown now. It's been a long and difficult time for so many, but still plodding on in our little corner.  But I've also realised that I quite miss adding posts to my little Blog, and it's been like a little diary for me for quite a number of years now - and, looking back, I have found that 'Tilly's Crafts' turned 9 years old last week! 9 years! How did that happen?!*!

However, I'm still crafting and I know many people are either continuing with their crafting or many are new to the joys of making. It's been a saviour for me in stressful times, with chance to focus on something and 'escape' for a while.

One of the new things that I've been trying recently is 'no line' watercolouring and I'm getting very addicted!  I love colouring with the watercolour paints - it's very soothing and relaxing. I treated myself to a Winsor & Newton cotman watercolour half pan set, and it's been great fun playing with the colours and mixing shades. 

The stamps are from Altenew and this set is 'Beautiful Peonies', masked and stamped with Distress Ink 'antique linen' 

My main problem, as always, is finding enough time to do all the crafting things I want to do! When you're still working (especially when it's as busy as it seems to be at the moment!), there never seems to be enough time (or energy) to work on all the projects I'd like to. 

I'm not sure how many are still out there in Blogland but I'm going to try and spend a bit of time exploring. But my Instagram is updated pretty regularly so if you're interested, you can always find me on there (the link is on the side bar!)

Back soon,
Kim x


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