Friday 31 July 2015

I'm back!

Hello all - I hope that you are all well and enjoying your summer (whatever the weather!).  It feels as though I've been 'absent without leave' for ages but we've been enjoying some rest and relaxation (not to mention hot sunshine) in Greece on the stunning little island of Santorini for a week and returned home on Wednesday evening this week.  So, after doing repeated loads of laundry, I decided I'd better get myself organised with a blog post before you all think I've abandoned ship!

Grumpy Poppy stayed at home with my sister-in-law, who apparently cannot understand why she has the nickname of 'Grumpy' as she has been adorable all week! Typical!  She must just save the grumpiness for us!  But I'm sure she's pleased to see us really - even if it just means she can resume her rightful position on the bed again!

I will try my bestest in the next few days to catch up with everyone and see what craftiness has been going on in my absence, but just thought I'd share a couple of latest makes that have gone into my Etsy shop :

I made this cute set of 4 crocheted coasters in a sweet doily pattern - the yarn is just gorgeous, a soft variegated one that is lovely to work with

I think they'd made a cute 'house-warming' gift!

And a little cross-stitch picture that would also be ideal for a 'new home' gift.  I don't tend to do a lot of cross-stitch these days, and not much for sale, but will probably do more again once the autumn arrives! 

Hope you like them both!  And don't forget to check out the Etsy shop - I'd love to hear your thoughts about it as all feedback is helpful! 

And I just thought I'd share a couple of pics of Santorini with you - I'm waiting for my son (who is chief photographer on holiday) to let me have some of the photos he was busy taking, but these are just a couple from my phone!  We took one of my son's friends with us too - and the boys had a good time in the pool and exploring! 

A Santorini sunset! The 2 little figures in the distance are my son and his friend taking pics! 
And a rare one of me - as I don't like having my photo taken! - with the boys.  And yes, I did feel very short!  My son is the tall blond one looming over me lol! 

Apologies for the photo overload!  Just thought I'd share a few 'sunshine' images! 
I'll try to catch up with all your crafty blogs soon, and thank you as always for the lovely comments you leave for me - they mean such a lot! 

Back soon,
Kim x 


  1. Glad you had a good holiday Kim, the photos are gorgeous, the colour of that sky is amazing. I'm sure Poppy is delighted to have you back, it's like when the kids are small and little horrors but let them stay with Grandma and they morph into angels!! These pretty coasters are definitely a perfect new home gift and the little framed cross stitch equally so xx

  2. Beautiful work Kim, so pretty, great photo's too, glad you had a good time.
    hugs Jacee
    Simply Paper Card Design

  3. Welcome home Kim and love the photos. Poppy sounds like my grandkids..angels for me but terrors for their Mum..your little coasters are so adorable and I love the colours..and have never crossed stitch in my life but admire anyone who can.

    luv CHRISSYxx

  4. Beautiful coasters, fabulous photos. Looks so beautiful. Have a great weekend.

  5. So glad you had a good holiday Kim, your photos are beautiful.
    I love your crochet coasters and fabulous cross stitch design.
    Sue xx

  6. Glad you had a lovely time on hols. We have had to cancel our next one that should have been on Mon 3rd for a week. Hubby still going through tests and at the hospital every few days.
    Your latest creations are awesome and should sell well. Great photos of your hols. I bet you are looking forward to the next one now. Lol!!!

  7. Great projects Kim! I don't cross stitch so much these days, I have one on the go that just needs a few stitches to finish it, but it's been waiting for months! Beautiful holiday pics!

  8. These are beautiful creations Kim, love them both, and I would think they would sell well!! Glad you had a lovely holiday and thank you for sharing the lovely pics, Santorini looks beautiful.
    Gina xx


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