Monday 26 February 2024

Keeping Busy!

 Well, it seems to be busy all the time. I'm not sure that anyone warned me that retirement means that you seem to be occupied all the time - or perhaps that's just me?  I've been working on a variety of design team samples for Hunkydory Crafts, crocheting, etc. And now that we are (gradually) approaching spring, I'm finding more and more to do in my little garden. OH isn't too keen on gardening - but is good at providing mugs of tea ha! Yesterday I was busy painting the little walls of the raised beds, etc., and was definitely aching yesterday evening. 

Anyway, I thought I would come on to share my design team samples for the latest release from Hunkydory Crafts of layering masks.  I really love my layering masks and stencils, and these really are fab. 

The samples I'm sharing today are for the Flowers in Bloom set of layered masks. I've used these in different colourways and they all looked great

They would work great on their own with a sentiment, or as a background for another image. 

The conservatory windowsills and greenhouse are now gradually filling up with seed trays - and I am SO looking forward to the clocks changing next month. We've had a couple of days of dry, cold bright sunshine, but I'm afraid we're forecast yet more rain tomorrow 😞 But I'm just about to start on a cross stitch 'commission' project, so that will keep me occupied. I don't usually take commissions on cross stitch (usually just for cards or crochet), but this was specially requested! 

Back soon with some more layered mask samples,

Take care,

Kim x


  1. Just popped over to thank you for your visit, like you going to miss that big smile and infections laugh. Read your last post, blogland seemed to go quiet for a year or two when so many flipped over to FB etc., but now seem to be creeping back, certainly my favourite haunt, FB's formats not for me!

    B x

  2. These are gorgeous Kim and are perfect for gifting seed packets. I must admit stencils don't usually appeal to me but these layered ones look like they might just change my mind!!


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