Thursday 15 February 2024

Nice to be back!

Well, thank you for the welcome back into Blogland, although on my first quick browse around, it does seem a bit quieter. But it's always nice to read people's crafting blogs and updates, and it's how I often found out about new products or techniques to try. The crafting community can be very supportive.  I'll keep trying to find some new blogs to follow - so if you find me and I'm not already following you, just let me know! 

Just on a quick post today to share a recently finished cross stitch picture. During last year I rediscovered my cross stitch mojo (it had been missing for a while), and I've enjoyed reviving a subscription to Cross Stitcher magazine and both finishing off some cross stitch and doing a couple of new ones. 

A good friend and colleague was moving on from school (when I was still at work last year!), and I wanted to make a personal gift for her. As she is also a fellow crafter, I thought she might like this 

The pattern was from a Helen Phillips book and was so nice to do

And this gorgeous fox was my most recently completed project! It was supposed to be for Autumn, but work and other projects sort of got in the way. But it's such an adorable image. I'm now keen to do the 'Winter' image from CrossStitcher in the same series, but I think I may be starting another cross stitch commission shortly, so it had better wait ha! 

Anyway, I'll be back again soon with some more card makes! Even though I've now retired, there's still so much to keep me busy! 
And yes, we've still got little Ruby with us :) She's going to be 8 years old in June but still behaves like a rather naughty puppy at times. I blame the parents.... haha! 

Back soon,
Kim x 


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